Antibody Specificity Service

Your chance to detect off-target specificity

You have false positive or false negative results in your diagnostic test or unclear binding sites of your antibody? Protein arrays are perfect to address this question as they perform with an unbiased antigen selection. They allow you to determine a broad range of antibody specificities and overcome the limitations of antibody-specificity testing in immunoassays with only one antigen per shot. Let us master this challenge with our engine protein array service! We check your sample with 15,000 potential antigens in an independent system and analyse off-target antibody specificity.
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schematic drawing for antibody specifity with engine proteinarray

Ready-to-use data in only 2 weeks

Convince yourself in advance! Get an impression of what your results could look like.

Boost your efficiency

Check > 15,000 antigens in one run

engines in-house specialist team analyses the interactions of your sample with >15,000 antigens. Our fast analysis is unbiased and guarantees a hypothesis free experiment. You receive your reliable and reproducible data and results in a confidential scientific report that you can discuss with our experts. Optimize your antibody dilution or buffer system in further experiments with our arrays.

  • Strictly confidential
  • Experimental setup based on your needs
  • Only 50 µl sample needed
  • Full data access
  • Scientific discussion

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