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You have patients with related symptoms, but diagnosis and therapy are unclear? The engine scientists are dedicated to propelling your unique project – whether you aim to discover biomarkers for diagnostics or therapy or gain a deeper understanding of diseases or metabolic pathways. Our biomarker testing service shortens your time to result and boosts your chance to unravel novel biomarker candidates for new diagnostic and therapeutic breakthroughs.

protein array service for biomarker testing

Research database

Check your idea and discover application spectrum and potential of protein arrays for your research area

Customized biomarker testing with high discovery power

Broad and unique proteome coverage

engine protein arrays harbour >15,000 antigens including the largest neoantigen library and pave your way to find novel targets linking to the cause of disease.

Hypothesis-free & unbiased

Our testing does not require knowledge of probable interactors, is independent of current status-quo techniques and free of any bias. The array proteins are based on a cDNA library and are not pre-selected based on a hypothesis. Also, weak questions can be checked quickly.

Small sample, big data

Get a high quantity and quality of sample-specific, reliable and reproducible data – out of only 50 µl sample of any matrix, e.g. serum, CSF, cell supernatant.

Compare biospecimens

Decipher disease-related correlations and compare sera, CSF or cell supernatants, from patient or diseases groups, controls or healthy individuals.

Investigate disease-related protein modifications

Enzymatic-modified protein arrays enable you to identify if citrullination, phosphorylation or carbamylation are disease-associated or causative.

Easy follow-up

Receive all necessary information for further experiments and support reproducibility for an unconstrained verification of your hypothesis.

  • Customized subarrays for cost-effective high-throughput experiments
  • Clone, sequence, and host strain information to develop follow-up assays like ELISA for research, lateral flow or automated assays for the translation into a clinical or diagnostic approach
  • We are open source – no bottlenecks with licensing

No sample material available?

We procure any desired human biospecimen you need.

Biomarker testing – how it works

Don’t waste your time with laborious single antigen studies by Western Blot, ELISA or histology. Increase your chance for new discoveries and let us analyse the interactions of your sample with >15,000 antigens. We just need a single run and less than 50 µl sample in any matrix. Receive reliable and reproducible data in a confidential scientific report. Identify the recognized antigens directly. Go on promptly with your biomarker validation.

Full service package: array (1,100 € each for hEXselect or UniPEx) + 560 € screening service per array + 1,000 € per order for result compilation.

1. Your question

Send us your sample, we set up the analysis according to your needs.
Optional: additional antigens of your interest can be spotted on the array

2. Our service

In-house analysis
Optional: disease-related protein modifications

3. Your result

Receive your evaluated results: analysis of interactions, antigen identification, scientific report, raw data. Discuss results with our experts, if desired. Identify the recognized antigens directly!

4. Your validation

Customized subarrays with your most promising candidates for cost-efficient candidate validation. Optionally, receive information for follow-up research or translation into a clinical or diagnostic approach.

Small sample volume

only 50 µl required

Any matrix

e.g. serum, CSF, cell supernatant

No minimum quantity

of arrays or samples

Only 2 weeks

e.g. for 6 samples

Ready-to-use data

Convince yourself in advance! Get an impression of what your results could look like.

Expert support for expert results

Our in-house specialists are looking forward to help you discovering new biomarkers.

Strictly confidential

Maintain control over your data, results and samples.

Specialist support

Address questions or discuss results with your dedicated, experienced expert.

Aligned decisions

Joint preparation and decision about the experimental setup.

Get faster to grant!

We help with your application! Fast results and the increased probability of innovative insights facilitate your grant approval.

Free Brainstorming Session

Get in contact with our experts – We are happy to answer any question! EMAIL US or use the contact form:

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