engine Protein Array Service

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We support you in biomarker discovery and the determination of antibody specificity.

With our protein array analysis we offer full service around protein arrays.

Shorten your time to result!

Need New Biomarker?
Determination of Antibody Specificity?

With our engine protein array service we analyse in house e.g. off-target antibody specificity or auto-antibody profiles of patient serum.

  • Only 50 µl sample
  • Analysis according to your specifications
  • Scientific report incl. raw data of your results within 2 weeks

Benefit from our full service package: Screening service for 560 € per array (hEXselect or UniPEx) additional 1,000 € per order for compilation of data and results.

One shot analysis of >10,000 antigens done by us instead of single-antigen study done by you!

Service the way you expect it!

We handle your data strictly confidential and treat your samples as you would!
Joint decisions and expert support from our experienced in-house specialists are a matter of course.

Expert support for expert results

engine is pioneer in the protein-array technology. The heart of our service was developed in 15 years intensive research, published in more than 100 studies by now.

Full data access for you only

Get full access and control over your data, results and samples. We handle your data and sample strictly confidential.

Convince yourself in advance

Get an impression of our protein array service and how your results could look like. We provide examples of result presentations. Take a look at our testimonialsdownload and video site.