Biomarker Testing Service

Increase your chance
for decisive discoveries

Are you passionate to discover new biomarkers for advancing diagnostics or predicting therapy success?

We help you to explore similarities or differences between groups of patients, diseased or healthy individuals – with our biomarker analysis.

  • Give us your hypothesis and sample.
  • We analyse >10,000 antigen interactions with our protein arrays.
  • You identify antigens and proceed with biomarker validation.

High discovery power

The unbiased, hypothesis-free analysis has a high discovery power to detect novel biomarkers and allows an objective analysis of causal disease-correlations.

Hypothesis-free & unbiased

Our analysis service does not require prior knowledge of probable interactors and is free from any biases. The array proteins are not pre-selected based on a hypothesis or experience. Also weak questions can be checked quickly. Total independence from current status-quo techniques (methodological status-quo bias). No user-dependent and confirmation biases caused by irregularities in performance and interpretation or expectations.

High informative value

Upscaled throughput of >10,000 antigens per sample. High amount and quality of sample-specific data from a small sample volume.

Our engine protein arrays present over 10.000 human proteins and peptides derived from different tissues. Proteins are not pre-selected based on a hypothesis or experience. The corresponding cDNA expression libraries were validated and advanced based on more than 15 years of experience in the field.

The robust and documented technology with E. coli clones in duplicates guarantee reliable and reproducible results.

Compare biospecimens

Identify disease-related associations and compare sera, CSF or cell supernatants – as desired, from patient or diseases groups, controls or healthy individuals.

Easy follow-up

Receive all information and methodological requirements for further experiments, ensuring reproducibility beyond a method change. Easily verify your hypothesis and match your results for deciphering disease correlation.

Study disease-related protein modifications

We can modify our human protein arrays enzymatically to investigate disease-related protein modifications. For example, antibodies against cyclic citrullinated peptides in rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Citrullination
  • Phosphorylation
  • Carbamylation

Experimental setup
based on your needs!

Biomarker Testing with engine Protein Array Service!

  1. Send us 50 µl sample
    Any matrix (e.g. serum, CSF, cell supernatant)!
  2. We analyze in house
    • auto-antibody profiles
    • protein interactions
    • epitope mapping
    • protein functions

    disease-related protein modifications
    e.g. citrullination, phosphorylation, carbamylation

  3. Receive your evaluated results within 2 week
    • Analysis of interactions
    • Antigen identification
    • Scientific report
    • Raw data
    Including technical discussion

  4. Identify your recognized antigens directly!

Ready-to-use results in only 2 weeks

One shot analysis of >10,000 antigens done by us instead of single-antigen study done by you!

Service the way you expect it

Full data access for you only

Get full access and control over your data, results and samples. Strictly confidential data and sample handling.

Get faster to grant!

We help with your application!
Fast results and the increased probability of innovative insights facilitate your grant approval.

No sample material available?

We procure any desired human biospecimen you need.

Expert support for expert results

Our in-house specialists are looking forward to help you discovering new biomarkers.

Convince yourself in advance

Get an impression of what your results could look like with the help of result examples. Have a look at our example result presentation of biomarker testing service for the analysis of IgG autoantibody repertoires of five patients.