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engine is your reliable partner for protein arrays. We cover the entire value chain – from cDNA and clone library over in-house production and quality control to testing arrays including sample and data evaluation with our proprietary software.

cDNA library & E. coli clones

Trusted origin

  • Human fetal brain hEx1 library (MPI & RZPD)
  • Human CD4+ T-cells, lung, colon library (imagGenes & Source Biosciences)
  • All clones have been 5’tag sequenced
  • Periodic review of the annotation

in-house production

ISO 9001 & 13485

  • Batch traceability
  • Documented production
  • In process & final quality control
  • Quality certificate for each array

engine protein arrays

Reliable results

  • E. coli clones are spotted at least in duplicate
  • Different clones represent the same gene but differ in the gene coverage
  • E. coli clones with empty vectors are used as controls
  • Guiding spots & blanks ensure data analysis

No unspecific E. coli binding!

Controls and human protein and peptide expressing E. coli clones are spotted onto a PVDF membrane. Guiding spots, as well as blanks and E. coli clones with empty vectors are used as controls. The E. coli clones are spotted at least in duplicate. An interaction (e.g. serum antibody binds to antigen) is considered positive (hit), if the signal-intensities of both clones of the duplicate are clearly higher than the signal from the blank and empty vector controls. In this way, we can ensure that no non-specific bindings are evaluated as false positives.

Proprietary software for your results

To ensure that the evaluation of the arrays is as simple and quick as possible, we provide software solutions for the entire biomarker screening process.


Every 6 months, the gene sequences and corresponding protein sequences of all clones are re-annotated and blasted against RefSeq sequences to account for database updates. The annotation versions are retained to ensure traceability.


VisualPattern20 is a sophisticated image analysis to support the protein array analysis and to make the results comparable. VisualPattern20 is using newest image data algorithm to improve quality and performance. The positive hits are then matched with the clone information of the most recent annotation table. You can analyse and compare the data sets of your samples.

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