Antibody Specificity Service

Your chance to detect off-target specificity

You have false pos­it­ive or false neg­at­ive res­ults in your dia­gnost­ic test or unclear bind­ing sites of your anti­body? Pro­tein arrays are per­fect to address this ques­tion as they per­form with an unbiased anti­gen selec­tion. They allow you to determ­ine a broad range of anti­body spe­cificit­ies and over­come the lim­it­a­tions of anti­body-spe­cificity test­ing in immun­oas­says with only one anti­gen per shot. Let us mas­ter this chal­lenge with our engine pro­tein array ser­vice! We check your sample with 15,000 poten­tial anti­gens in an inde­pend­ent sys­tem and ana­lyse off-tar­get anti­body spe­cificity.
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Ready-to-use data in only 2 weeks

Con­vince your­self in advance! Get an impres­sion of what your res­ults could look like.

Boost your efficiency

Check > 15,000 antigens in one run

Don’t waste your time with labor­i­ous single anti­gen stud­ies by West­ern Blot, ELISA or his­to­logy. Increase your chance for new dis­cov­er­ies and let us ana­lyse the inter­ac­tions of your sample with >15,000 anti­gens. We just need a single run and less than 50 µl sample in any mat­rix. Receive reli­able and repro­du­cible data in a con­fid­en­tial sci­entif­ic report. Identi­fy the recog­nized anti­gens dir­ectly. Go on promptly with your bio­mark­er val­id­a­tion.

Full ser­vice pack­age: array (1,100 € each for hEXse­lect or Uni­PEx) + 560 € screen­ing ser­vice per array + 1,000 € per order for res­ult com­pil­a­tion.

engines in-house spe­cial­ist team ana­lyses the inter­ac­tions of your sample with >15,000 anti­gens. Our fast ana­lys­is is unbiased and guar­an­tees a hypo­thes­is free exper­i­ment. You receive your reli­able and repro­du­cible data and res­ults in a con­fid­en­tial sci­entif­ic report that you can dis­cuss with our experts. Optim­ize your anti­body dilu­tion or buf­fer sys­tem in fur­ther exper­i­ments with our arrays.

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  • Strictly con­fid­en­tial
  • Exper­i­ment­al setup based on your needs
  • Only 50 µl sample needed
  • Full data access
  • Sci­entif­ic dis­cus­sion

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