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You want to identi­fy new bio­mark­ers? We accel­er­ate your research from hypo­thes­is to can­did­ate val­id­a­tion!

engine’s pro­tein array-based bio­mark­er test­ing ser­vice moves you ahead of chal­len­ging tra­di­tion­al meth­ods. Achieve your res­ults sig­ni­fic­antly faster and let us screen your sample on pro­teo­me level for inter­ac­tions with >15,000 anti­gens. In just a single test. Our ana­lys­is guar­an­tees highest dis­cov­ery power for max­im­um out­come: it is free of influ­en­cing biases or hypo­theses and screens a broad and unique range of poten­tial inter­act­ors across the human pro­teo­me. engine’s high-con­tent pro­tein array tech­no­logy sup­ports >100 pub­lic­a­tions from research­ers around the world to date.


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>15,000 antigens with unique proteome coverage

High dis­cov­ery power of >15,000 human full-length anti­gens, pro­tein iso­forms & pep­tides. Our arrays har­bour the largest neoanti­gen & frameshift pep­tide lib­rary world­wide!

More results in less time

Bio­mark­er dis­cov­ery with >15,000 anti­gens run by us – instead of a tedi­ous single-anti­gen study run by you. Increase your effi­ciency with only one high-through­put exper­i­ment and get max­im­um data from min­im­um sample.

>100 case studies

Sci­ent­ists from vari­ous research and dia­gnost­ic areas have used our pro­tein arrays suc­cess­fully for their ana­lys­is of pro­tein inter­ac­tions with numer­ous types of molecules.

High discovery power

engine Protein Arrays

>15,000 human antigens

High-con­tent arrays cov­er­ing a broad range of the human pro­teo­me, backed by a robust and doc­u­mented tech­no­logy for more than 15 years.

Reduce your time to result

Biomarker Testing Service

Results within 2 weeks

We ana­lyse the inter­ac­tions of your sample with >15,000 anti­gens, you identi­fy the prom­ising anti­gens and pro­ceed with your bio­mark­er val­id­a­tion.

Explore your research area

Applications & Publications

>100 publications

Pro­tein arrays are ideal for neuro­bi­o­logy, SARS-CoV­‑2, can­cer and autoim­mune dis­eases, and many oth­er fields of bio­mark­er research.

From scientists for scientists

>15 years experience

we are pion­eers of pro­tein array tech­no­logy

The 1st high density macroarray

developed and pub­lished in 1998

In-house execution

full value chain from pro­duc­tion to screen­ing ser­vice covered in-house

Reputable origin

based on the tech­nique of RZPD, imaGenes and Source Bios­ciences

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engine the Biomarker Company: Supercharging Discovery Since RZPD

Pro­tein arrays have revo­lu­tion­ized pro­teo­me research, accel­er­ated by RZPD. At engine, we have sup­por­ted this research for 15+ years.

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