You want to discover
new biomarkers?

engine is your reliable partner for screening
your samples!

In one single experiment we analyse your sample with over 10,000 antigens for interactions to identify your biomarker.
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Why engine biomarker screening service?

Full Service for your Biomarker Discovery!

You have patients with related symptoms, but diagnosis and therapy are unclear?
Depending on your sample matrices and the antigen you want to test, you normally need to use different tedious methods. Those times are over!

We analyse the interactions of your sample with >10,000 antigens in one shot – with less than 50 µl sample volume in any matrix.
Our fast analysis is unbiased and guarantees highest discovery power for a maximum outcome.
You achieve your results much faster than with standard methods and benefit from specialist support.
The results and data are reliable and reproducible, will be provided in a confidential scientific report and can be discussed with our experts.

Increases your chance for
new, decisive discoveries!

Multiplex technology for >10,000 antigens per sample. High amount and quality of sample specific data from a small sample volume.

Our protein arrays are part of more than 100 publications so far – have a look at our testimonials.

Hypothesis-free & unbiased

The hypothesis-free and unbiased analysis does not require prior knowledge of probable interactors. Our technique has a high power to discover novel biomarkers and allows an objective analysis of causal disease-correlations.

Easy verification of your hypothesis in follow-up experiments

Receive methodological requirements for further experiments, which enable reproducibility beyond a method change for an unconstrained verification of your hypothesis.

Investigate disease-related protein modifications

Enzymatic modified protein-arrays unravel, if citrullination, phosphorylation or carbamylation are disease-associated or causative.

Compare biospecimens

Matrix-independent analysis allows comparison of biospecimens to identify disease-related tissues.

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