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Peptide & protein arrays are leading-edge tools in research. Read what you should know about the different types to make the most of them.
Antibody specificity can break your research. Don't trust antibodies blind - read how protein arrays can help you stop off-target activities.
Protein arrays have revolutionized proteome research, accelerated by RZPD. At engine, we have supported this research for 15+ years.
Submit a short abstract and win a congress ticket for Biomarkers UK, 08 - 09 November 2021 & up to 20 % discount on engine screening service.
Autoimmunity biomarker discovery is complicated, due to unclear cause & wide range of effects. Protein arrays accelerate your path to paper-ready results.
Covid-19 increases the pressure on research to unprecedented levels. Our protein arrays can help you get publication-ready results faster.
Studying frameshift mutation in neurodegenerative disease changes lives. With our protein arrays, it’s also much faster and more efficient.
A human diagnostics internship you wish you have had! Do you remember the internships you did […]
engine presents an abstract of Biomarker Discovery for Systemic Lupus erythematodes to the virtual Autoimmunity Congress (28.05.-01.06.21)
Identifying Biomarkers and Disease Mechanisms with Protein Arrays Frameshift mutations are commonly the cause of severe […]