Biomarker Testing Service

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You have patients with related symp­toms, but dia­gnos­is and ther­apy are unclear? The engine sci­ent­ists are ded­ic­ated to pro­pelling your unique pro­ject – wheth­er you aim to dis­cov­er bio­mark­ers for dia­gnostics or ther­apy or gain a deep­er under­stand­ing of dis­eases or meta­bol­ic path­ways. Our bio­mark­er test­ing ser­vice shortens your time to res­ult and boosts your chance to unravel nov­el bio­mark­er can­did­ates for new dia­gnost­ic and thera­peut­ic break­throughs.

Research database

Check your idea and dis­cov­er applic­a­tion spec­trum and poten­tial of pro­tein arrays for your research area

Customized biomarker testing with high discovery power

Broad and unique proteome coverage

engine pro­tein arrays har­bour >15,000 anti­gens includ­ing the largest neoanti­gen lib­rary and pave your way to find nov­el tar­gets link­ing to the cause of dis­ease.

Hypothesis-free & unbiased

Our test­ing does not require know­ledge of prob­able inter­act­ors, is inde­pend­ent of cur­rent status-quo tech­niques and free of any bias. The array pro­teins are based on a cDNA lib­rary and are not pre-selec­ted based on a hypo­thes­is. Also, weak ques­tions can be checked quickly.

Small sample, big data

Get a high quant­ity and qual­ity of sample-spe­cif­ic, reli­able and repro­du­cible data – out of only 50 µl sample of any mat­rix, e.g. ser­um, CSF, cell super­natant.

Compare biospecimens

Decipher dis­ease-related cor­rel­a­tions and com­pare sera, CSF or cell super­natants, from patient or dis­eases groups, con­trols or healthy indi­vidu­als.

Investigate disease-related protein modifications

Enzymat­ic-mod­i­fied pro­tein arrays enable you to identi­fy if cit­rul­lin­a­tion, phos­phoryla­tion or car­bamyl­a­tion are dis­ease-asso­ci­ated or caus­at­ive.

Easy follow-up

Receive all neces­sary inform­a­tion for fur­ther exper­i­ments and sup­port repro­du­cib­il­ity for an uncon­strained veri­fic­a­tion of your hypo­thes­is.

  • Cus­tom­ized subar­rays for cost-effect­ive high-through­put exper­i­ments
  • Clone, sequence, and host strain inform­a­tion to devel­op fol­low-up assays like ELISA for research, lat­er­al flow or auto­mated assays for the trans­la­tion into a clin­ic­al or dia­gnost­ic approach
  • We are open source – no bot­tle­necks with licens­ing

No sample material available?

We pro­cure any desired human bio­spe­ci­men you need.

Biomarker testing — how it works

Don’t waste your time with labor­i­ous single anti­gen stud­ies by West­ern Blot, ELISA or his­to­logy. Increase your chance for new dis­cov­er­ies and let us ana­lyse the inter­ac­tions of your sample with >15,000 anti­gens. We just need a single run and less than 50 µl sample in any mat­rix. Receive reli­able and repro­du­cible data in a con­fid­en­tial sci­entif­ic report. Identi­fy the recog­nized anti­gens dir­ectly. Go on promptly with your bio­mark­er val­id­a­tion.

Full ser­vice pack­age: array (1,100 € each for hEXse­lect or Uni­PEx) + 560 € screen­ing ser­vice per array + 1,000 € per order for res­ult com­pil­a­tion.

1. Your question

Send us your sample, we set up the ana­lys­is accord­ing to your needs.
Option­al: addi­tion­al anti­gens of your interest can be spot­ted on the array

Small sample volume

only 50 µl required

2. Our service

In-house ana­lys­is
Option­al: dis­ease-related pro­tein modi­fic­a­tions

Any matrix

e.g. ser­um, CSF, cell super­natant

3. Your result

Receive your eval­u­ated res­ults: ana­lys­is of inter­ac­tions, anti­gen iden­ti­fic­a­tion, sci­entif­ic report, raw data. Dis­cuss res­ults with our experts, if desired. Identi­fy the recog­nized anti­gens dir­ectly!

No minimum quantity

of arrays or samples

4. Your validation

Cus­tom­ized subar­rays with your most prom­ising can­did­ates for cost-effi­cient can­did­ate val­id­a­tion. Option­ally, receive inform­a­tion for fol­low-up research or trans­la­tion into a clin­ic­al or dia­gnost­ic approach.

Only 2 weeks

e.g. for 6 samples

Ready-to-use data

Con­vince your­self in advance! Get an impres­sion of what your res­ults could look like.

Expert support for expert results

Our in-house spe­cial­ists are look­ing for­ward to help you dis­cov­er­ing new bio­mark­ers.

Strictly confidential

Main­tain con­trol over your data, res­ults and samples.

Specialist support

Address ques­tions or dis­cuss res­ults with your ded­ic­ated, exper­i­enced expert.

Aligned decisions

Joint pre­par­a­tion and decision about the exper­i­ment­al setup.

Get faster to grant!

We help with your applic­a­tion! Fast res­ults and the increased prob­ab­il­ity of innov­at­ive insights facil­it­ate your grant approv­al.

Free Brainstorming Session

Get in con­tact with our experts – We are happy to answer any ques­tion!

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